Serva Professional vs Community

"Community" builds are for personal, non-commercial use only".

Feature Professional Community
Cost $92.00/year1 Free
Commercial use Yes No
Splash screen No Yes
PXE/BINL services time limit Unlimited 50 min
PXE/BINL PXE clients max number 50 2
PXE/BINL WinPE booting support Yes No
PXE/BINL WinPE recursive injection of arbitrary files Yes No
PXE/BINL ServaPeNet Task Sequence Manager (TSM) Yes No
PXE/BINL MS OSs unattended install support Yes No
PXE/BINL MS OSs install of OEM components Yes No
PXE/BINL menu max number of entries (EFIARM64/32) Unlimited 0
PXE/BINL menu max number of entries (EFI64/32) Unlimited 2
PXE/BINL menu max number of entries (BIOS) Unlimited 7
PXE/BINL Boot Manager Mode 3 (Secure Boot & ARM UEFI) Yes No
PXE/BINL menu custom edition support Yes No
PXE/BINL menu custom background support Yes2 No
PXE/BINL Windows install support Yes Yes
PXE/BINL non-Windows boot/install support Yes Yes

1- Civilian Internet Validated License.
2- All menu levels except root.


Serva Download

Serva_Pro_v4.6.0 Serva_Community_v4.6.0

Serva pre-download FAQs

  1. Where is Serva made?
    • Serva is made in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

  2. Where can I read Serva's current EULA?
  3. Does Serva require an Internet connection?
    • Serva Community does not require an Internet connection.
    • Serva Pro Internet Validated License (Civilian) does require an Internet connection.
    • Serva Pro Node Lock License (Military) does not require an Internet connection.

  4. I'm already a Serva Pro user how can I get the new version?
    • If your Pro license and its Software Assurance (new version rights) term are non-expired you can always download updates by using the originally provided binary download link, otherwise you would need to purchase a new license.

  5. My Serva Pro license is expired or about to expire, how do I continue using the software?
    • You need to purchase a new Serva Pro license.

  6. Serva's OS requirements?
    • Serva Community: up-to-date Windows XP SP3 to Windows 11 plus all the Server versions.
    • Serva Pro: up-to-date Windows 7 to Windows 11 plus all the Server versions (see 9).

  7. Serva's required file permits?
    • Serva must have Read/Write file permissions on its own directory and its repository. Please consider if you joined a domain permissions might be inadvertently limited even if you are locally an Admin.

  8. Can Serva Pro 64 bit and 32 bit executable run with the same license?
    • Each architecture requires one license. With only one license you can either use 64 or 32 but no both.

  9. Does Serva Pro run on Windows XP?
    • Serva Pro does not run on Windows XP.

  10. Our Military/Government project must be run without an Internet connection (air-gapped network); can we still use Serva Pro?
    • Yes you can, but it will require a Military NLL license; please contact us for license terms.

  11. Can Serva Resellers buy Serva licenses on-line?
    • Yes they can but they must always contact us first.

  12. Can the Military, Government and its Contractors buy Serva licenses on-line?
    • Yes they can but they must always contact us first.

Serva Version History

xxxN = New feature, xxxF = Fixed bug

Dec 8 2021 v4.6.0 - 21120715
196F - TFTP Vulnerability (DoS)

Aug 14 2021 v4.4.0 - 21081411
195N - ALL Community Hardware ID

Apr 12 2021 v4.4.0 - 21041116
194N - ALL license node proc

Mar 23 2021 v4.4.0 - 21032312
193F - BINL WDS/MDT/SCCM booting LiteTouchPE_x64.wim when injecting components

Feb 17 2021 v4.4.0 - 21021717
192N - BINL WDS ServaPENet native ARM/ARM64
191N - BINL WDS ARM 32/64-bit UEFI support
190N - BINL WDS asset Boot Font management
189N - DHCP Option 94 handler update
188N - BINL BM_Option=2 deprecated

Dec 15 2020 v4.0.0 - 20122218
187N - BINL Parse ServaAsset.inf files for WDS assets
186N - BINL ServaPENet parse ServaAsset.inf login delay variables
185N - BINL non-ASCII character detection in ServaAsset.inf files
184N - BINL non-ASCII character detection in Unattend.ini files
183N - BINL ServaPENet handling new errors 0x4CF, 0x520, etc.
182N - BINL ServaPENet login algorithm improved robustness
181N - BINL ServaPENet injected in stand-alone bootable WIMs
180N - BINL ServaPENet run user defined exe/bat/cmd/ps1
179N - BINL ServaPENet Task Sequence Management (TSM) engine
178N - DHCP MAC Vendor Name List, 39982 entries
177F - BINL ServaPENet ComputerName change detection
176F - BINL ServaPENet CRC concatenated algorithm
175F - BINL WIA_WDS file change CRC detection
174F - BINL NWA_PXE file change CRC detection
173F - BINL ServaPENet BIOS/UEFI detection
172F - TFTP Directory traversal vulnerability
171F - TFTP Vulnerability when client request does not use TSIZE

Nov 30 2018 v3.2.0
170N - ALL Development migrated to MS VS 2017; Serva binaries run on Windows XP SP3 and up
160N - BINL Support for pxeserva.0/efi menus with more than 99 entries per level
158N - TFTP Client RFC 7440 GET_RQ and PUT_RQ support
157N - TFTP Server RFC 7440 PUT_RQ support
156N - TFTP Client Pick file dialog box
155N - TFTP Enforced Windowed mode replaced by RFC 7440
154N - TFTP Error simulation engine delay capabilities
153N - HTTP Autoindex Nginx style automatically offered to Curl and Wget HTTP clients
152F - HTTP Vulnerability (DoS)
151F - TFTP Client malformed error messages
150F - TFTP Client not initialized under certain conditions
140F - FTP FTP Server Registered user root directory pick dialog box
139F - ALL MessageBox() center alignment

May 03 2016 v3.0.0
138N - BINL UEFI support
137N - BINL WIA_RIS_SHARE automatic test
136N - BINL WIA_WDS_SHARE automatic test
135N - BINL NWA_PXE_SHARE automatic test
134N - BINL Recursive Boot.wim injection.
133N - BINL Head directory name non-ASCII character detection
132N - BINL Head directory name space character detection
131N - BINL Head directory name as menu name when booting default named WIMs
130N - DHCP White/Black list MAC filter engine
129N - DHCP Embedded MAC Ethernet vendor codes
128N - DHCP MAC Ethernet vendor codes manually add/overwrite
127N - PDHCP Protocol Tab
126N - TFTP Improved windowsize algorithm
125N - HTTP Default root Favicon
124N - ALL About/Settings/Help buttons moved to System menu
123F - BINL WIM injection; count of multi referenced files
122F - BINL Default menu title change after Serva update/upgrade
121F - BINL Menu entry wrong order when using special chars on head directory
120F - BINL Sub-Menus not capitalized when initially defined
119F - BINL ServaBoot.wim creation fail if Boot.wim is read only
118F - BINL Renaming head directory of unnamed WindowsPE assets
117F - BINL Renaming head directory of RIS assets
116F - FTP anonymous account not working properly w/o a registered account

Oct 29 2013 v2.1.4
115N - HTTP Improved file browsing cosmetic
114F - HTTP Resources bigger than 2Gb under certain conditions
113F - DHCP giaddr reply logic in relay situations
112F - PDHCP DHCPACK reply port logic under certain conditions
111F - TFTP RFC-1350 error recovery under certain conditions
110N - TFTP uSleep engine; inter-frame delay control
109N - LOG [Ctrl]+C Copy to Clipboard
108N - LOG [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C Copy all to Clipboard
107F - BINL RIS OSs driver extraction from SPx.CAB x=1,2,3
106F - BINL Menu auto-numbering alignment
105F - TFTP Vulnerability VU#127108
104F - TFTP Client Browse button malfunction on x64
103F - DHCP Settings IP fields ignoring last digit
102F - FTP Misleading "wrong password error" given when root directories are invalid
101F - FTP Handling Error 430 Invalid username or password
100F - ALL Settings dialog box alignment on x64
099F - ALL Crash on saving settings under certain conditions

Feb 02 2013 v2.1.0
098N - BINL Booting WinPE files
097N - BINL Booting/Installing Non-Windows Assets (NWA)
096N - BINL WDS Unattend.xml/Unattend.ini support
095N - BINL RIS Unattended (winnt.sif edition) support
094N - BINL menu.def edition support
093N - BINL pxeserva.0; menu.def TFTP load on first attempt
092N - DHCP Mask based MAC filter
091N - DHCP Improved response on back-to-back scenarios
090N - HTTP Resources bigger than 2Gb support
089N - HTTP Range Request support.
088N - HTTP HEAD method support.
087F - BINL Parsing XML table of non conformant WIMs
086F - BINL BCD sk record
085F - BINL Vesamenu ESC key when exiting sub-menus
084F - BINL Menu text algorithm on multi-image Install.wim
083F - TFTP Occasionally not releasing transferred file handle
082F - TFTP Abort transfer time-out message wrong Block#
081F - TFTP Block counter overflow logic
080F - DHCP Settings, drawing artifact on Treelist border
079F - DHCP Settings, Treelist resource handle leak
078F - DNS Bad conformed request vulnerability
077F - HTTP Bad conformed request vulnerability
076F - HTTP Settings, Root directory validation logic
075F - FTP Settings, Anonymous Root directory validation logic
074F - FTP Settings, Registered Root directory validation logic
073F - TFTP Settings, Root directory validation logic
072F - SNTP mS algorithm.
071F - ALL LastWindowPos support for multi-monitor systems
070F - ALL Assertion on Log message storm
069F - ALL Assertion on Serva exit under certain thread conditions
068F - ALL Delay on first Serva start

May 08 2012 v2.0.0
067N - BINL MS Multi-OS netboot; WAIK independent RIS/WDS Net protocol & Processes emulation
066N - LOG Ctrl[Shift]-Up/Down browses Err, Warn, or Err+Warn Log messages
065N - LOG Ctrl[Shift]-MouseWheeL browses Err, Warn, or Err+Warn Log messages
064N - LOG F1 launches Serva.chm Log Help
063N - TFTP new engine supporting "windowsize" option negotiation
062N - TFTP new engine supporting enforced "windowed" mode.
061N - TFTP new engine including error simulation capabilities
060N - LOG Simpler message schema for TFTP traffic
059N - ALL LOG pane selected as default when Serva starts
058F - PDHCP Some messages were mistakenly logged as DHCP
057F - ALL ListView focused line incorrect format for center and right aligned labels
056F - DHCP processing of static leases (let Serva to generate a new ini !! )

Nov 15 2011 v1.5.0
055N - DHCP Unassigned & Custom options support HEX and uninterpreted ASCII input
054N - ALL Win2000 Pro & Win2000 Server support (thanks John from Holland)
053N - DHCP "Next Server" (siaddr) user defined input (thanks Oliver Knapp)
052N - DHCP protocol options parsed on Proxy DHCP answers
051N - DHCP option 249 Classless Route option (MS)
050N - DHCP option 252 Proxy Autodiscovery
049N - ALL Improved mouse right click button logic (thanks Benjamin Brisson)
048N - ALL ListView tool-tip style unfold of partially hidden labels.
047N - PDHCP sname = gethostname() only when TFTP is ON, NULL otherwhise.
046F - DHCP Keep parameters when service gets disabled (thanks Benjamin Brisson)
045F - DHCP option 52 error message
044F - DHCP option 66 enabled
043F - DHCP MAC Filter option name "reject" replaced by "ignore"

Aug 21 2011 v1.4.0
042F - HTTP/FTP/TFTP 64Bit Directory dialog box
041F - SYSLOG 64Bit File dialog box
040F - DHCP 64Bit Settings dialog tab (thanks Sam)
039F - 64Bit app icon display
037F - Registry variable LastWindowPos moved to Serva.ini (thanks webfork)
038N - DHCP option 67 Bootfile name (chain-loading) enabled

Jul 09 2011 v1.3.0
036F - TFTP Client Local/Remote file requirement vs GET/PUT
035F - TFTP Client -File exist, overwrite it?-
034F - TFTP anticipation window log message
033N - ALL ListView/ListBox right button popup menu (Copy/Copy All/Clear All)
032N - DHCP dotted decimal IP variables in Serva.ini (let Serva to generate a new ini !! )
031N - SYSLOG log file browse button
030N - DHCP WINS option does not copy DNS setting
029N - DHCP Domain Name Server option RFC 2132 compliant (multi-dns)
028N - DHCP Router option RFC 2132 compliant (multi-router)
027N - DHCP Subnet Mask optional CIDR style notation
026N - DHCP GUI handled DHCP protocol options (0 to 254)
025N - DHCP GUI handled MAC Filter policy (off/reject/accept)
024N - DHCP GUI handled MAC Filter list
023N - DHCP GUI handled Static Leases control (enable/disable)
022N - DHCP GUI handled Static Leases list
021N - DHCP improved speed
020N - FTP GUI handled port option
019N - FTP GUI handled local ports pool option
018N - HTTP GUI handled port option
017N - HTTP GUI handled default page option
016N - HTTP/FTP/TFTP new directory dialog box style
015N - ALL Improved Settings dialog logic and input validation
014N - ALL Added Regular expression based user input validators

May 14 2011 v1.2.1
013F - HTTP directory traversal vulnerability (Acunetix Vulnerability Report)
012F - HTTP denial of service vulnerability (Acunetix Vulnerability Report)

May 07 2011 v1.2.0
011F - DHCP static lease
010N - DHCP will display vendor names along with mac addresses when Serva.evc is present
009N - DHCP will not honor requests coming from Serva's own interfaces
008N - Configuration dialog 'What's this?' style context-sensitive help
007N - Improved general log engine performance
006F - DHCP, RENEWING & REBINDING time according to RFC2131
005F - About dialog incorrect topmost style
004.1F - Listview objects not scrolling correctly
004.0F - Listview objects not correctly displayed when switching tab panes
003.1F - Proxy DHCP didn't work correctly if IP pool was 0. (thanks Michael Kolowicz)
003.0F - Proxy DHCP unnecessarily invoking scanforleases()/Dhcp_Display_Leases()
002F - Some erratic GUI glitches.
001F - FTP SITE CHMOD & minor bug fixes

June 16 2010 v1.2.0B2