Serva Download

"Professional" builds make possible Serva's maintenance and future development.

Feature Community Professional
Cost Free $44.99
Commercial use No1 Yes
Splash screen Yes No
PXE/BINL services time limit 50 min Unlimited
PXE/BINL PXE clients max number per session 2 Unlimited
PXE/BINL WinPE booting support No Yes
PXE/BINL WinPE recursive injection of arbitrary files No Yes
PXE/BINL MS OSs unattended install support No Yes
PXE/BINL MS OSs install of OEM components No Yes
PXE/BINL menu max number of active entries (EFI64) 2 Unlimited
PXE/BINL menu max number of active entries (EFI32) 2 Unlimited
PXE/BINL menu max number of active entries (BIOS) 7 Unlimited
PXE/BINL Boot Manager Mode 3 (UEFI MS Secure Boot) No Yes
PXE/BINL menu custom edition support No Yes
PXE/BINL menu custom background support No Yes2
PXE/BINL Windows install support Yes Yes
PXE/BINL non-Windows boot/install support Yes Yes

1. For personal non-commercial use only
2. All menu levels except root


If you are upgrading from Serva v2.x.x please remember Serva v3.x.x now uses an improved repository format therefore avoid running Serva v3.x.x on a 2.x.x repository and vice versa.
Always be sure Serva has write permissions on its own directory and its repository. Please consider if you joined a domain permissions might be inadvertently limited even if you are locally an Admin.


N - New feature, F - Fixed bug

May 03 2016 v3.0.0

Serva_Community_64_v3.0.0 Serva_Community_32_v3.0.0 Serva_Pro_v3.0.0

138N - BINL UEFI support
137N - BINL WIA_RIS_SHARE automatic test
136N - BINL WIA_WDS_SHARE automatic test
135N - BINL NWA_PXE_SHARE automatic test
134N - BINL Recursive Boot.wim injection.
133N - BINL Head directory name non-ASCII character detection
132N - BINL Head directory name space character detection
131N - BINL Head directory name as menu name when booting default named WIMs
130N - DHCP White/Black list MAC filter engine
129N - DHCP Embedded MAC Ethernet vendor codes
128N - DHCP MAC Ethernet vendor codes manually add/overwrite
127N - PDHCP Protocol Tab
126N - TFTP Improved windowsize algorithm
125N - HTTP Default root Favicon
124N - ALL About/Settings/Help buttons moved to System menu
123F - BINL WIM injection; count of multi referenced files
122F - BINL Default menu title change after Serva update/upgrade
121F - BINL Menu entry wrong order when using special chars on head directory
120F - BINL Sub-Menus not capitalized when initially defined
119F - BINL ServaBoot.wim creation fail if Boot.wim is read only
118F - BINL Renaming head directory of unnamed WindowsPE assets
117F - BINL Renaming head directory of RIS assets
116F - FTP anonymous account not working properly w/o a registered account

Oct 29 2013 v2.1.4
115N - HTTP Improved file browsing cosmetic
114F - HTTP Resources bigger than 2Gb under certain conditions
113F - DHCP giaddr reply logic in relay situations
112F - PDHCP DHCPACK reply port logic under certain conditions
111F - TFTP RFC-1350 error recovery under certain conditions
110N - TFTP uSleep engine; inter-frame delay control
109N - LOG [Ctrl]+C Copy to Clipboard
108N - LOG [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C Copy all to Clipboard
107F - BINL RIS OSs driver extraction from SPx.CAB x=1,2,3
106F - BINL Menu auto-numbering alignment
105F - TFTP Vulnerability VU#127108
104F - TFTP Client Browse button malfunction on x64
103F - DHCP Settings IP fields ignoring last digit
102F - FTP Misleading "wrong password error" given when root directories are invalid
101F - FTP Handling Error 430 Invalid username or password
100F - ALL Settings dialog box alignment on x64
099F - ALL Crash on saving settings under certain conditions

Feb 02 2013 v2.1.0
098N - BINL Booting WinPE files
097N - BINL Booting/Installing Non-Windows Assets (NWA)
096N - BINL WDS Unattend.xml/Unattend.ini support
095N - BINL RIS Unattended (winnt.sif edition) support
094N - BINL menu.def edition support
093N - BINL pxeserva.0; menu.def TFTP load on first attempt
092N - DHCP Mask based MAC filter
091N - DHCP Improved response on back-to-back scenarios
090N - HTTP Resources bigger than 2Gb support
089N - HTTP Range Request support.
088N - HTTP HEAD method support.
087F - BINL Parsing XML table of non conformant WIMs
086F - BINL BCD sk record
085F - BINL Vesamenu ESC key when exiting sub-menus
084F - BINL Menu text algorithm on multi-image Install.wim
083F - TFTP Occasionally not releasing transferred file handle
082F - TFTP Abort transfer time-out message wrong Block#
081F - TFTP Block counter overflow logic
080F - DHCP Settings, drawing artifact on Treelist border
079F - DHCP Settings, Treelist resource handle leak
078F - DNS Bad conformed request vulnerability
077F - HTTP Bad conformed request vulnerability
076F - HTTP Settings, Root directory validation logic
075F - FTP Settings, Anonymous Root directory validation logic
074F - FTP Settings, Registered Root directory validation logic
073F - TFTP Settings, Root directory validation logic
072F - SNTP mS algorithm.
071F - ALL LastWindowPos support for multi-monitor systems
070F - ALL Assertion on Log message storm
069F - ALL Assertion on Serva exit under certain thread conditions
068F - ALL Delay on first Serva start

May 08 2012 v2.0.0
067N - BINL MS Multi-OS netboot; WAIK independent RIS/WDS Net protocol & Processes emulation
066N - LOG Ctrl[Shift]-Up/Down browses Err, Warn, or Err+Warn Log messages
065N - LOG Ctrl[Shift]-MouseWheeL browses Err, Warn, or Err+Warn Log messages
064N - LOG F1 launches Serva.chm Log Help
063N - TFTP new engine supporting "windowsize" option negotiation
062N - TFTP new engine supporting enforced "windowed" mode.
061N - TFTP new engine including error simulation capabilities
060N - LOG Simpler message schema for TFTP traffic
059N - ALL LOG pane selected as default when Serva starts
058F - PDHCP Some messages were mistakenly logged as DHCP
057F - ALL ListView focused line incorrect format for center and right aligned labels
056F - DHCP processing of static leases (let Serva to generate a new ini !! )

Nov 15 2011 v1.5.0
055N - DHCP Unassigned & Custom options support HEX and uninterpreted ASCII input
054N - ALL Win2000 Pro & Win2000 Server support (thanks John from Holland)
053N - DHCP "Next Server" (siaddr) user defined input (thanks Oliver Knapp)
052N - DHCP protocol options parsed on Proxy DHCP answers
051N - DHCP option 249 Classless Route option (MS)
050N - DHCP option 252 Proxy Autodiscovery
049N - ALL Improved mouse right click button logic (thanks Benjamin Brisson)
048N - ALL ListView tool-tip style unfold of partially hidden labels.
047N - PDHCP sname = gethostname() only when TFTP is ON, NULL otherwhise.
046F - DHCP Keep parameters when service gets disabled (thanks Benjamin Brisson)
045F - DHCP option 52 error message
044F - DHCP option 66 enabled
043F - DHCP MAC Filter option name "reject" replaced by "ignore"

Aug 21 2011 v1.4.0
042F - HTTP/FTP/TFTP 64Bit Directory dialog box
041F - SYSLOG 64Bit File dialog box
040F - DHCP 64Bit Settings dialog tab (thanks Sam)
039F - 64Bit app icon display
037F - Registry variable LastWindowPos moved to Serva.ini (thanks webfork)
038N - DHCP option 67 Bootfile name (chain-loading) enabled

Jul 09 2011 v1.3.0
036F - TFTP Client Local/Remote file requirement vs GET/PUT
035F - TFTP Client -File exist, overwrite it?-
034F - TFTP anticipation window log message
033N - ALL ListView/ListBox right button popup menu (Copy/Copy All/Clear All)
032N - DHCP dotted decimal IP variables in Serva.ini (let Serva to generate a new ini !! )
031N - SYSLOG log file browse button
030N - DHCP WINS option does not copy DNS setting
029N - DHCP Domain Name Server option RFC 2132 compliant (multi-dns)
028N - DHCP Router option RFC 2132 compliant (multi-router)
027N - DHCP Subnet Mask optional CIDR style notation
026N - DHCP GUI handled DHCP protocol options (0 to 254)
025N - DHCP GUI handled MAC Filter policy (off/reject/accept)
024N - DHCP GUI handled MAC Filter list
023N - DHCP GUI handled Static Leases control (enable/disable)
022N - DHCP GUI handled Static Leases list
021N - DHCP improved speed
020N - FTP GUI handled port option
019N - FTP GUI handled local ports pool option
018N - HTTP GUI handled port option
017N - HTTP GUI handled default page option
016N - HTTP/FTP/TFTP new directory dialog box style
015N - ALL Improved Settings dialog logic and input validation
014N - ALL Added Regular expression based user input validators

May 14 2011 v1.2.1
013F - HTTP directory traversal vulnerability (Acunetix Vulnerability Report)
012F - HTTP denial of service vulnerability (Acunetix Vulnerability Report)

May 07 2011 v1.2.0
011F - DHCP static lease
010N - DHCP will display vendor names along with mac addresses when Serva.evc is present
009N - DHCP will not honor requests coming from Serva's own interfaces
008N - Configuration dialog 'What's this?' style context-sensitive help
007N - Improved general log engine performance
006F - DHCP, RENEWING & REBINDING time according to RFC2131
005F - About dialog incorrect topmost style
004.1F - Listview objects not scrolling correctly
004.0F - Listview objects not correctly displayed when switching tab panes
003.1F - Proxy DHCP didn't work correctly if IP pool was 0. (thanks Michael Kolowicz)
003.0F - Proxy DHCP unnecessarily invoking scanforleases()/Dhcp_Display_Leases()
002F - Some erratic GUI glitches.
001F - FTP SITE CHMOD & minor bug fixes

June 16 2010 v1.2.0B2